Solid Waste Plan Update

Hamilton County R3Source (formerly Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District) is currently updating its 15-year Solid Waste Plan, as required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The update process takes place every five years. A solid waste plan is a guidance document that a local solid waste district uses to implement programs and initiatives to continually improve recycling and waste reduction within its jurisdiction.

Throughout the process, we will maintain transparency by providing documents for public review on this webpage.  Please share your ideas for the Solid Waste Plan using the "Big Ideas" form below.

Draft Documents for the 2024 - 2038 Solid Waste Plan

Hamilton County Solid Waste Management Plan Update 2024-2038 DRAFT

Difficult to Manage Waste Streams (posted 2/25/22)
Economic Incentive Analysis (posted 2/25/22)
Residential Recycling Infrastructure Analysis (posted 2/25/22)
Business Strategy Analysis (posted 3/18/22)
Diversion Analysis (posted 3/18/22)
Education and Outreach Analysis (posted 3/18/22)
Regional Analysis (posted 3/22/22)
Data Collection Analysis (posted 3/23/22)
Recyclable Materials Processing Capacity Analysis (posted 4/13/22)
Marketing Analysis (posted 5/5/22)
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Report (posted 5/5/22)
Special Needs Analysis- Environmental Enforcement (posted 5/9/22)
Waste Composition Analysis (posted 5/11/22)
Appendix I: Conclusions, Actions, Priorities (posted 5/17/22)
Financial Analysis (posted 5/25/22)
Appendix O (financial) (posted 5/27/22)
Final Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Report (updated 7/27/22)
Ohio EPA Comments on Draft Plan Update (updated 9-16-22)

Recorded Presentations on Key Sections
Waste Composition Analysis
Conclusions, Actions, Priorities
Financial Analysis

2018 - 2032 Solid Waste Plan
This is Solid Waste Plan under which we are currently operating. It is provided here as a reference document. 

Recycling and Waste Reduction Big Ideas

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