Student Representative

In an effort to gain new perspectives and ideas on recycling and waste diversion, the Policy Committee created a position for a Student Representative (high school junior or senior only). While this position will provide great benefit to Hamilton County, Ohio there are several benefits to the student.

What the Student Representative Will Receive

Policy Committee Student Representative will receive:

  • Hands-on experience in developing policy and programs
  • Direct experience in understanding how local government operates
  • Opportunities to hone leadership and public speaking skills
  • Opportunities to create change at the local level


Prospective Hamilton County students are required to be in the 11 or 12 grade by September 2022, complete an application, provide a letter of recommendation, and secure both parental/guardian and principal permission to participate. The student's term begins in September 2022 with six bi-monthly meetings, concluding in July 2023. Applications are posted on the site after January 2022.

About the Committee

The Committee consists of four permanent members, one non-voting member, and three other representatives. The Student Representative is a non-voting position. Policy Committee responsibilities include reviewing and providing guidance on programs, reviewing and approving annual budgets, writing and implementing a 15-year solid waste management plan, and making recommendations to the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners on solid waste management policies. Please note that all Policy Committee member positions are unpaid as is the Student Representative position.