Stack Testing

Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency is responsible for observing and validating stack/source tests. These tests are performed to determine the types and amounts of air pollutants emitted from industrial sources. Stack/source tests consist of taking quantitative air samples from exhaust stacks and analyzing these samples to determine pollutant concentrations and mass emission rates. The pollutant emission rate established by a source test must be less than the allowable rate specified in the facility's Ohio EPA air permit.

Testing Purposes

  • To determine compliance with emission rates listed in permits or to establish these permit limits
  • To set operating parameters for the source and air pollution control equipment.

Continuous Emission Monitors

In addition to stack testing, some emission units are required to operate Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMs) to measure opacity, sulfur dioxides, nitrogen dioxides, oxygen, carbon dioxide, particulates and volatile organic compounds. These CEMS serve to indicate ongoing compliance with permit limits. CEMS require special testing which includes an initial certification test and then annual testing to insure the monitors are reading accurately.

More Information

Call Dawn Mays at 513-946-7758 to discuss what methods are appropriate for the source to be tested or to schedule a test date.