Hamilton County R3Source Infrastructure Grant

The R3Source Infrastructure Grant is a competitive grant available to Hamilton County communities, schools, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses to help build waste reduction infrastructure. The grant funds are available from $10,000 to $30,000 and requires a minimum 25% match from the organization requesting funding. Grant applications are due February 15, 2022. All grant funds must be utilized, and project must be fully operational within two years of receiving grant funds. Examples of potential grant projects include:

·       Wasted food reduction (e.g., equipment to build local food rescue infrastructure)   

·       Composting (e.g., equipment to implement or expand composting infrastructure or facilitate community organics collection) 

·       Purchase of dishwasher and reusable tableware to replace disposable

·       Equipment to build reuse infrastructure (reusable take out containers, lending libraries)

How to Apply

Follow the directions in the Infrastructure Grant Packet.

For More Information

Email Cher Mohring or call 513-946-7737.

Hamilton County R3Source Waste Reduction Innovation Grant

This grant program helps communities, schools, non-profit organizations, and private sector businesses implement waste reduction, reuse, food rescue, composting, and recycling programs that significantly reduce waste in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Proposals will be considered for funding as they are received. Approved proposals will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis. If funding runs out, applicants will be given the option to have their proposals considered the following year if funding is available. Applicants are required to provide minimum 25% matching funds and may request a maximum of $10,000 in grant funds.

How to Apply

Follow the directions in the Waste Reduction Innovation Grant Packet (DOCX).

For More Information

Email Cher Mohring or call 513-946-7737.

Greater Cincinnati Smart Kitchen Initiative

The initiative offers assistance to reduce pre-consumer food waste and/or prepared foods from mid-to high-volume foodservice operators in Hamilton County. See details at the Greater Cincinnati Smart Kitchen Initiative page.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recycling & Litter Prevention Grant Opportunities

Ohio EPA's Recycling and Litter Prevention program supports communities, businesses and academic institutions that initiate or expand recycling programs, encourage sustainable practices, stimulate economic growth and support litter prevention efforts through four different grants. Visit the Ohio EPA website for more information on each of these grants.

Community & Litter Grant

Local governments and nonprofits can receive funding to purchase equipment for the collection and processing of recyclables and construction and demolition debris. These organizations can also receive funding to implement litter collection events, outreach and education. Tire amnesty programs, with a minimum $0.50 per tire collection fee, are an eligible activity for local governments. Grantees have 12 months to complete the project. For assistance or guidance on the community and litter grant application please email Cher Mohring.

Market Development Grant

This grant provides businesses (e.g. manufacturers, recyclers, material processors, etc.) opportunities to create or expand recycling processing capacity and recycled material production. This includes funding for equipment specifically needed to remanufacture recyclable materials into bulk raw material or finished product. Because this grant requires the business to have a government sponsor, you must notify Jenny Lohmann at the District via email if you are interested in applying. The deadlines for this grant differ from those stated by the Ohio EPA. Grant funds are reimbursed only after project completion through the government sponsor. Grantees have 24 months to complete the project.

Academic Institution Grant

Public and private kindergarten through 12th-grade schools, colleges and universities may receive funding for recycling efforts as well as outreach and education, recycling equipment and conference sponsorships. Grantees have 12 months to complete the project.

Visit the Recycle Ohio Grant website to view the applications. To view the informational webinar recorded on January 7. 2021, visit the Ohio EPA YouTube channel.

Residential Recycling Incentive (RRI)

Local governments in Hamilton County fill out an annual application to report tons recycled, composted and landfilled to the previous year. Communities receive funds to spend on waste reduction-related projects based on their diversion rate and the tons recycled. For more information, email Gage Bradford.