Routine Air Sampling

The Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency is employing portable monitors to obtain immediate results for several pollutants of concern in Colerain Township.

The instantaneous data measurements are taken with portable instruments on a routine basis at a minimum of 18 set points in the community surrounding the landfill (download map). 

Volitile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds that evaporate easily into the air. Besides being a component of landfill gas, VOCs are commonly found in automobile exhaust and in common household chemicals.

The portable sampling equipment that the Agency is using to gather real-time data takes a sample of many types of VOCs and adds all of those concentrations together. This is called a total VOC sample.

If real-time sampling of VOCs returns a concentration of 500 parts per billion (ppb) over a sustained period of one minute at any of the 18 monitoring locations, the Agency will take a canister sample immediately. The canister will collect more detailed and specific data on the amount and type of each VOC that is in the air at that time.  

There have been no canisters taken based on the above criteria since 2011.

Additional pollutants monitored instantaneously (real-time) are found below. Please click on the name of the pollutant to learn more.