Web Resources

AirNow.gov: Students can look up the air quality index for any city in the United States. How do we fare compared to our neighbors?

Air Quality Index: View the local air quality on this page and follow the health link to see how it may affect you and your students.

Air Quality Index Conversion: For advanced middle school students; students take ozone and/or PM2.5 values and using algebraic equation, convert to the Air Quality Index.

Alliance to Save Energy: The Alliance to Save Energy's website offers free downloads of many different activities focusing on energy and air pollution, and conserving energy with lessons for elementary, middle, and high school.

Energy Kids: This website hosted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration has energy calculators, games, activities and lesson plans.

Lesson Plans: Acids Eating My Nose!Air Takes SpaceBurning IssuesIt All Adds up to Cleaner AirThe Power of Our LungsSock It to Them!Temperature InversionsWhat Do You Smell?.

Math & Science Coalition of Southeast Michigan's Earth Science Lessons: Hundreds of lessons and activities relating not only to air pollution, but also to water quality, weather, and many other earth science topics. Lesson are split into early elementary, late elementary, middle school, and high school.

The Regional Ozone Coalition: OKI (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana) Regional Council of Governments has resources and links available on their site about how to do your share for cleaner air, alternative fuel vehicles, and much more.

Save Planet Polluto: The game teaches the causes of air pollution and what can be done to improve air quality.

School Flag Program: The School Flag Program alerts schools to the local air quality forecast and helps them to take actions to protect students' health, especially those with asthma.

Smog City: This interactive website allows students to see how individual choices, industry and environmental factors impact air quality.

US Department of Energy—Energy Education: there are activities, quizzes and lesson plans, all in a searchable database for downloading.