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Pollen and Mold

Pollen Counting imageDuring the business week, the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency measures the levels of naturally occurring airborne pollutants: pollens and molds. These counts are expressed in spores per cubic meter of air for mold levels and grains per cubic meter of air for pollen levels. Residents can also call the Air Quality Pollen and Mold Hotline at 513-946-7753. The hotline is updated each business day at 10:00 a.m. with pollen and mold counts of the previous 24-hour period.

Counts will end for the season on November 25, 2015 and will resume in February of 2016.

Today's Count (November 25, 2015)

Pollen 4 Mold 448
1st Prevalent:  1st Prevalent: Cladosporium 167
2nd Prevalent:  2nd Prevalent: Ascospores, unk. 80
Other Trees:  Other: Alternia, Leptosphaeria, Periconia 201
Other 4    


Pollen and Mold Descriptors

Descriptor Pollen Mold
LOW 0-20 0-500
MODERATE 21-100 501-1500
HIGH 101-1000 1501-5000
VERY HIGH >1000 >5000


Statistical Averages for Pollen and Mold Data 11/23-11/27 (calculated for ten years of data)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pollen 0 0 1 1 0
Mold 479 502 274 491 374

Statistical Averages for Pollen and Mold Data 11/30-12/04 (calculated for ten years of data)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pollen 0 0 0 0 0
Mold 303 294 259 234 227


Note: Statistical Averages are calculated for ten years of data at our current address, 250 William Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.

The linked excel spreadsheet of Raw Daily Counts includes a detailed record of pollen and mold sources for the season. (If the data does not appear to be updated in the linked Excel file, try clearing your web browser's data history, including browsing history, download history and cached images and files.)

Air Quality Hotlines

24-hour: 513-946-7777
Toll Free: 800-889-0474
Air Quality Index: 513-946-7753
Mold & Pollen Count: 513-946-7753

Local Air Quality

Pollen Count
November 25, 2015:    4 (Low)

Mold Count
November 25, 2015:    448 (Low)

Click here for count details.


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